A Letter from Miss Kit

The Thrill of Making Music

“Making music engaged me, and performing was . . . . . bigger than life.”

People may think, “We can listen to music whenever we want. Why bother with lessons when we can find music on Youtube?” Please, read on . . . .

Picture your child performing for America’s Got Talent, with all its joy. . . . How did she/he get there? Someone, at some point . . . maybe Dad, Grandma, or a teacher, encouraged them to try making Music.

Do you remember, as a child, the fun of building a mud pie, or showing off your Legos creation? By gosh, you built them yourself, and it was fun! Of course you were very proud of your end result, but more importantly, you were joyfully engaged in the activity making. Now, compare that to learning a new instrument, where construction is captivating and performance is delightful.

Not everyone will be a contestant on AGT, but similarly, the confidence-building, joy, ability and ownership will grow by leaps and bounds with every new piece. I invite parents, caregivers and students to explore the value of making music in their lives.

Benefits of Music Study

Build confidence
Lessen anxiety
Increase attention and focus
Improve fine motor skills
Promote self-discipline
Improve cognitive function
Provide comfort

Miss Kit’s Story

As a child, following my weekly piano lesson, I loved gobbling up a new piece of music, but even more treasured, was the performing. The experience, for me, was such a time to shine, to be noticed! After a performance, accomplished and confident, I was at the center of the universe. I had worked hard to create something beautiful – and I owned it.

The road to performance was no cakewalk, but it wasn’t without reward. The pre-performance music-making soothed my soul. It offered a pleasing creative outlet and at times, doused an angered blaze. It sweetened trials and satisfied restless fingers.

​Little did my budding musical hands realize the potential outlet for my tuneful expression. Oh, my sweet delight when my playing cheered babies who cried for mommies and planted smiles on the faces of my elders. My music spoke in worship, kept company around campfires, and spurred others to good works. My instruments and I wrote harmonies, sang, and performed for people of all ages. At 6 years old, who could have known that my childhood piano lessons would sow the seeds for my own music studio, where I would later share the gift of music for future generations.

“Making music engaged me, and performing was . . . . . bigger than life.”

Here are several famous people who benefitted from music lessons: