Studio Policy

Welcome Back, Musicians! Please read, mark your calendar, and then post in a convenient place!


Lessons run throughout the year, with no lessons:

  • Week of November 23
  • December 21 – January 1
  • Week of February 15
  • June 28 – July 12
  • August 30 – September 13 2 teacher cancellation days


There are no refunds for missed lessons, however, two make up lessons are given per year. Makeup lessons must be arranged within one month. Switching time slots with other students is fine, but please confirm with the teacher before the lesson occurs. Lessons can usually be maintained in the instance of a hand/arm/finger injury.


No baseball caps to lessons, and no food, beverages, or gum in the music studio, please. Water is okay.


If driving is hazardous, lessons will be canceled and parents notified before noon on lesson day.


Tuition is payable in 12 equal monthly installments, payable on or before the FIRST lesson of each month. Please respect this payment deadline.


When possible, students should practice at the same time each day, for a minimum of six days per week, following the instructions in the assignment book.
See Tips for Practicing


Students must listen daily to pieces being studied as it is essential to progress. To not listen, is to not practice. Quoting Dr. S. Suzuki, “Practice only on the days that you eat!”


Parents are encouraged to ask questions during the lesson, but please leave reminders and corrections to the teacher. Siblings and other visitors should remain quiet in the studio during lessons.


A good method-teacher-parent coach triangle will bring significant results! It cannot be said enough: Your child’s success will depend very much on your patience and support from the very beginning, but especially in the time immediately following lessons. When possible, try to practice when concepts are fresh, immediately after lessons, where throughout the week, 30% more learning will take place.

A vital part of creating an environment for success is having proper equipment and materials during the lesson and at home. Below are the things you will need to prepare before enrolling in lessons.

Lesson Readiness

  • Music Books
  • 8 x 10 lined assignment notebook
  • Pencil or pen
  • Clean hands, shortened fingernails
  • Canvas bag or carry sack
  • Parent’s FULL attention to lesson**

Home Practice

  • Quality tuned instrument
  • Adequate lighting
  • Routine scheduled time for quality practice sessions
  • Seat and feet height same as lesson
  • Posture and distance from the piano same as lesson
  • Review! Review! Review!
  • Frequent listening to CD

Thank you for entrusting me with your student’s music study. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Music books and supplies may be ordered from Darrell’s Music Hall in Nashua (800-339-6818) or online.

*Parents in some cases will not attend the lesson.
**Please do not become distracted by cell phone use.