Tips for Practicing

Tips for Practicing

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1. Keep practice FUN! I can help with this.

2. Keep lines of communication open. If you are struggling, call the teacher!

3. Take careful notes at lesson and ask questions.

4. Transport your lesson materials (books, pencil, notebook etc.) in a right-sized bag used just for lessons, (canvas works wonderfully). Make sure it’s not too large or floppy.

5. Prepare ahead! Before practicing, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, get a drink, grab a pencil and silence your phone.

6. Make sure environment such as noise level and lighting is appropriate. Seat height and technique should mimic the lesson.

7. PRACTICE SLOWLY, gradually increasing speed.

8. Practice at the same time every day, following some other routine activity. (For
example, following snack, homework, meal, chore, playtime etc.)

9. Remember to always play your review pieces, warm-ups, scales etc., even if not
assigned. Call the teacher if you have questions!

10. Set a goal when you practice, rather than wasting time on mindless practicing. I will help with this.

11. Do home-or-digital performances. Invite an audience.

12. Have theme parties.

13. Listen to your Suzuki CD 45 minutes daily, classical music, and other genres of music.

14. Mom is always right.


The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is Practice.

Vladimir Horowitz